House Clearance Services in Cowes

Dealing with house clearance can be stressful. Let us take care of it professionally and respectfully.

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About Our House Clearances in Cowes

Handling house clearances in Cowes with professionalism and sensitivity.
Whether you're dealing with the difficult task of a bereavement clearance or simply preparing a property for sale or lease, our team at Isle of Wight Rubbish Removal is here to help.
We understand the local area well, providing timely and efficient clearances just 23 minutes from our base.
Our services extend to various settings including residential homes, apartments, and even commercial properties.
We are committed to making the clearance process as easy and stress-free as possible for our clients.

Eco-Friendly Disposal Methods in Cowes

Recycling PracticesSection titled Recycling%20Practices

We prioritise recycling to reduce waste.

Rubbish TipsSection titled Rubbish%20Tips

Non-recyclable waste is disposed of at approved rubbish tips, following all local regulations to ensure environmental safety.

Charitable DonationsSection titled Charitable%20Donations

Usable items are donated to local charities like the Earl Mountbatten Hospice Shop on 25 Ferry Rd. Visit their site.

Why Choose Isle of Wight Rubbish Removal for Your House Clearance?

Discover how we stand out from the rest with our tailored house clearance services in Cowes.

Experienced Professionals

Our team is skilled in handling all aspects of house clearances efficiently.

Sensitive and Respectful

We approach every job with the respect and sensitivity it deserves, especially in delicate situations such as bereavement.

Local Knowledge

Understanding the local area of Cowes helps us manage logistics and timing effectively, ensuring a smooth process.


We are committed to environmental responsibility, recycling, and donating usable items to local charities.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is transparent and competitive, providing value without compromising on service quality.

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Who Benefits from Our House Clearance Services in Cowes?

Suitable for landlords needing to clear out properties after tenants move out.

Ideal for families dealing with the estate of a loved one.

Essential for estate agents who require a property to be cleared for new occupants.

Perfect for business owners who are relocating or closing down.

Beneficial for individuals downsising or moving to care homes, ensuring a smooth transition.

How Our House Clearance Process Works in Cowes


Contact Us

Reach out with details about your clearance needs via phone or online form.


Receive a Bespoke Quote

We provide a tailored quote based on the sise and requirements of the job.


Schedule a Clearance

Choose a convenient date and time for your clearance.


Clearance Day

Our team arrives on time in Cowes, performs the clearance efficiently, ensuring everything is handled as agreed.


Responsible Disposal

Items are recycled, disposed of, or donated to local charities such as Earl Mountbatten Hospice Shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is included in a house clearance in Cowes?

Our house clearance includes removal of furniture, appliances, clutter, and personal items as required. We also ensure that the property is left tidy and swept through.

How long does a typical house clearance take?

The duration can vary depending on the sise of the property and amount of contents. However, most clearances in Cowes are completed within a few hours to a full day.

Do you offer house clearance services across the entire Isle of Wight?

Yes, Isle of Wight Rubbish Removal offers house clearance services across all major towns and villages on the Isle of Wight, including Cowes.

How do you handle valuable items found during a house clearance?

Valuable items identified during the clearance can be set aside and handed over to the client, or if agreed upon, can be sold with proceeds going to the client or a chosen charity.

What happens to the items that are cleared from the properties?

Items are either recycled, disposed of at authorised waste sites, or donated to local charities like the Earl Mountbatten Hospice Shop, depending on their condition and usability.

Are you licensed and insured for house clearance services?

Yes, we are fully licensed to carry out waste removal and house clearance services in Cowes and the rest of the Isle of Wight. We also have comprehensive insurance coverage.

Can you handle environmentally hazardous materials?

We comply with all regulations for handling and disposing of environmentally hazardous materials, ensuring safe and legal disposal.

What should I do to prepare for a house clearance?

You can prepare by ensuring all personal items and anything you wish to keep are removed or clearly marked. Also, provide access to all areas of the property.

Do you provide cleaning services after clearance?

While we don't provide deep cleaning services, we do ensure that the property is left tidy and swept through after the clearance.

How can I get a quote for house clearance services in Cowes?

You can contact us via our website or phone to provide details about your clearance needs, and we will provide a bespoke, no-obligation quote.

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